European Society for Social and Affective Neuroscience

1st European Workshop on Social Neuroscience 2010

This intensive 5-days course provided participants with an introduction to theory and methods in social neuroscience. Invited lecturers gave an overview of the current state of theory and research findings in EEG and fMRI research on social cognition, as well as the essentials of major neuroimaging techniques, especially ERP and fMRI. Aspects of the measurement methods, design requirements, experimental set-up, data processing were discussed. The course was in the form of lectures and demonstrations, with ample time for question-answer sessions, and an on-site visit.

The course was given by the following qualified experts:

- Jason Mitchell (Harvard, U.S.A.)
- Alex Todorov (Princeton, U.S.A.)
- Anja Achtziger (Constanz, Germany)
- Marcel Brass (Ghent, Belgium)
- Marie Vandekerckhove (Brussels, Belgium) - 
- Frank Van Overwalle (Brussels, Belgium)