European Society for Social and Affective Neuroscience

Expert Meeting 2008: Social Neuroscience approach to Social Cognition

The aim of this expert meeting was to bring together researchers from the social neurosciences studying social mentalizing and from social psychology studying social cognition. By bringing together researchers in these two domains of investigation, we hope that we can raise many innovative and interesting questions, which may deepen our understanding of the processes underlying social cognition. It is our contention that many social processes that looked quite similar from the surface, in fact appear very much different if explored from a neurological perspective and methodology. Many domains of social cognition can now afford to ask these novel questions because the use of novel neurological methods allows more precise answers than was previously possible. Moreover, the combination of the experience of social neuroscientists with well-proven designs and paradigms from social psychology may provide a fertile ground for improved and more rigorous research and theories. As such, the study of social processes may not only become much more fine-grained, but ultimately also more accurate in its understanding of underlying processes and prediction of social behavior.


Van Overwalle, Frank

Todorov, Alexander

Achtziger, Anja

Apperly, Ian

Blackwood, Nigel

Dumontheil, Iroise

Gilbert, Sam

Macrae, Neil

Mobbs, Dean

Rossion, Bruno

Samson, Dana

Tomelleri, Silvia

Turk, David