European Society for Social and Affective Neuroscience

Preconference on Social Neuroscience

during the ESCON 2013 meeting

Organizer: Frank Van Overwalle
Lecture room: Tilia
09:00-09:50Evolution and the Social Brain
Robin Dunbar
09:50-10:40Mirror Neurons: From Origins to Function
Cecilia Heyes
10:40-11:00Coffee break (Tilia)
11:00-11:50Controlled and Automatic Mindreading in Children and Adults
Ian Apperly
11:50-12:40Empathy, Prosocial and Moral Behavior
Claus Lamm
12:40-13:40Lunch (Belvedere)
13:40-14:30Neuroendocrine Mechanisms of Social Behavior
Karin Roelofs
14:30-14-50Coffee break (Tilia)
14:50-16:20Does Social Neuroscience Contribute to social cognition?
Discussant: Klaus Fiedler
Moderator: Frank Van Overwalle
Debate with all speakers