European Society for Social and Affective Neuroscience


·         The ESSAN board consists of 8 members, including a president, a vice-president (typically becoming the next president), and a person responsible for media/website. These roles are rotated every two years and are determined by majority vote in the board.

·         At the same time, the board nominates several novel prospective board members every two years. (Regular members may also propose potential prospective board members). Among the nominated members, the two persons who received the highest vote after election by the regular members of the society become the new board members. This may be increased by more than two new board members in order to replace board members who left before the end of their regular term.

·         Board members are nominated for 4 years (except that for this beginning stage, this may be longer until an entirely new board is elected). However, existing board members may be nominated again for another term of 4 years.

·         The board may also nominate honorary board members for an undetermined term. These members have an important role in the representation of ESSAN to the public / other academic societies.

·         Currently, members of ESSAN are all the members subscribed to the ESSAN mailinglist. They all have a right to vote.

·         Membership of ESSAN is free.